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Custom Programming

Custom Programming Specialists

Sometimes your business processes are so unique that only a custom product can achieve the desired results. We can leverage 10+ yrs of combined programming experience to produce a top-quality product for your enterprise. Because our customers demand high-performance applications, quick development time, and little administration after the project completes, we use the Progress RDBMS and it's development tools.

DBA/Systems Support

Our Progress experience makes us an excellent resource to provide "Progress Solutions." We can provide in-depth analysis and troubleshooting of your Progress databases, or just assist you in periodic maintaining of your data. If a system upgrade is needed we can safely migrate your data with minimal downtime and no lost transactions.

Custom Software Development

Do unique requirements within your business require custom software applications? If custom software projects are not managed effectively, these projects can become time-consuming and costly. Our focus is on determining your primary needs, and providing the most efficient and costeffective software solution.

Support for your Custom Application

Do you have a pre-existing Progress-based application, but can't find support? Call us! We can quickly analyze your system and become one of your most trusted support partners.