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Preventative Maintenance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

-Benjamin Franklin

A cliché, possibly, but so very true for your Technology Infrastructure. Routine tasks that can increase the longevity of your technical equipment investment, optimize your network performance, and protect your company data can often be overlooked in a business. Do you often have to reactively allocate funds to fix technical problems that arise in your organization?

Generally, by spending a fraction of these funds on proactive system maintenance, these surprise expenditures can be avoided along with system downtime or lost data associated with them.
SProLinux recognizes that several organizations do not posses the time, resources or know-how to implement a proactive systems maintenance plan. We can tailor a systems maintenance plan that fits your organizations needs and provide this service for you. Based on your organizations needs, maintenance tasks can be completed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Maintenance tasks may include:
- Monitoring of Event Viewers for warnings & errors
- Reviewing application and security logs for critical errors & warnings
- Monitoring of Cyber Power Panel Logs & Array Manager Logs
- Assuring critical O/S updates, patches and drivers are installed
- Keeping anti-virus updates and virus definitions current
- Keeping spyware updates current
- Verifying back-up logs and job status
- Physically cleaning your technical equipment

SProLinux will provide a systems report with each maintenance visit that will include: - Any recommended system changes
- Risk level for not completing system change
- Estimated time/cost for SProLinux to implement any recommended change

Spend more time focusing on your core business and maximize your corporate technology investment by letting us use our expertise to maintain your system.