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About Transform

Transform is a dynamic Output/Print Management Tool written in Progress v9. Transform enables the end user to create enhanced business forms and direct delivery to a network printer, fax number, email address, barcode printer, or web posting. It is compatible with virtually any Business Software (ERP) that can produce raw textual output. Transform uses the popular MS Excel as a forms designer to allow ease of end-user creation and editing of forms. Available in either a Small Business Edition or Enterprise Edition, Transform has been sucessfully proven in high volume manufacturing environments as a powerful and cost effective output management system. Simple per-server licensing structure and Annual Maintenance available.

Transform utilizes technologies that many organizations have already invested in, such as Microsoft Office, VSI Fax, Exchange, Notes, or Barcode Labeling software, thus eliminating the need to reinvent-the-wheel and manage multiple applications which essentially do the same thing. Due to this, Transform is priced significantly lower than similar solutions.

Transform can be a tremendous solution for printing/processing your forms, especially if you’ve already invested in a few key thirdparty products. Why throw those away and spend more money on a different solution,simply because it's "compatible"?